The Foods To Eat For Better Mental Health

by in Nutrition September 1, 2020

Health experts warn that a lingering effect of the coronavirus pandemic could be a mental health crisis. While therapy and medications for stress and anxiety are often necessary, the foods you eat can also play a role in your well-being. An American Psychiatric Association poll released in March found that 36% of Americans felt the […]

Just How Natural Are 'Natural Flavors,' Anyway?

by in Nutrition August 26, 2020

From sparkling water to yogurt to pasta sauce, “natural flavors” appears on the labels of countless packaged foods and beverages. In fact, natural flavors are the fourth-most common ingredient listed on these labels, with only salt, water and sugar appearing more often, according to the Environmental Working Group. But what are natural flavors, and how […]

How To Ditch The Diet Mentality Forever And Still Feel Good In Your Body

by in Nutrition May 20, 2020

Tim Robberts via Getty Images“Diets have morphed and shape-shifted into this wellness thing that’s now so much harder to detect,” says registered dietitian Christy Harrison. In February, when I spoke with registered dietitian Christy Harrison about her recently released “Anti-Diet” book, I didn’t realize that the world was about to change so drastically. We talked about […]