5 Signs You Should Be Eating More Carbs

by in keto May 23, 2014

It’s unfortunate how we treat the poor carbohydrate. Mistakenly associated with weight gain and empty calories, carbs are actually an essential part of a balanced diet — especially if you want to do any sort of physical activity — and often a tasty one, at that. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that children and […]

Paleo Diet Tops Most Googled Diets Of 2013

by in keto December 17, 2013

What diets most captured the attention of the pound-losing public this year? Google’s annual “Zeitgeist” list reveals the weight-loss schemes that most piqued our curiosity. And, in good news, this year’s most searched-for eating plans were more well-rounded than last year’s list, which included such ineffective and occasionally dangerous gimmicks as the raspberry ketone diet […]

The K-E Diet: Weight Loss Lunacy

by in keto April 23, 2012

I have previously expressed my concerns that weight loss and common sense have trouble co-habitating, and might even be at war. The discord is understandable: Desperation breeds gullibility, and wishful thinking. People with more than ample common sense are lulled into a state of hypnotized bemusement by magical claims of effortless weight loss. Again, and […]