The Top 10 Food Searches On Google In 2018

by in keto December 26, 2018

Every year, Google releases lists of the most-searched terms by topic. And in 2018, the foods America Googled were bleak. It seems the entire nation went on the keto diet and turned to Google after realizing keto doesn’t allow for traditional sweets. Searches for how to make “keto brownies,” “keto cookies,” “keto cheesecake” and “keto […]

7 Keto Chocolate Dessert Recipes To Make Right Now

by in keto August 10, 2018

Gnom-Gnom/The Low Carb Maven/The Big Mans WorldGet your chocolate fix with these keto-friendly recipes. Here’s the sad truth about the keto diet: While it certainly has its health benefits, from looking and feeling better to preventing disease, there are things keto dieters miss in between all those avocados, eggs and even creamy slices of cheese. […]

6 Keto Recipes To Help You Survive Summer

by in keto June 20, 2018

Kayla Young If you haven’t heard about keto, you may be living under a rock. Perhaps you’ve heard about the ketogenic diet from the newest cookbook table at your local bookstore, or maybe you saw the recently released Netflix documentary “The Magic Pill” profiling the diet. It’s also possible you’ve been following @KetoGuido (yes, it’s […]