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How Much Sugar Should Kids Eat In A Day?

by in Nutrition September 21, 2021

Steve Wisbauer via Getty Images Let’s start with the basics: Adults and children should approach sugar the same way. That is to say, all humans should strive to indulge in some sugar in moderation. However, a child’s willpower usually isn’t as strong as an adult’s, which is why recommendations regarding sugar consumption vary across age […]

How Failure Propelled This Chef’s Business Forward

by in food July 26, 2021

Isabella Carapella/HuffPost Executive chef Jasmine Einalhori is one-third of the team behind Sage Kitchen, a New York-based catering company focused on Middle Eastern foods — though it’s become much more than that since launching in 2014. Spurred by a changing culinary landscape, one most recently devastated by a pandemic that has upended our relationship with […]