Further Proof That Humanity Has A Peach Obsession

by in food August 31, 2021

Three peach recipes made August's top 10 most popular recipes on <a href=HuffPost Taste’s Instagram.” width=”720″ height=”405″ src=””>

Three peach recipes made August’s top 10 most popular recipes on HuffPost Taste’s Instagram.

If you look at HuffPost Taste’s Instagram account, you’ll usually see that our followers are loving recipes for creamy pastas, gooey grilled cheeses and rich chocolate cakes. But this August, it’s clear that everyone’s been on the search for the perfect peach … recipe.

Sure, the list below features a killer chocolate zucchini cake and a jalapeno-stuffed chicken recipe that’ll brighten up your weeknights, but it’s hard not to notice the three gloriously peachy recipes that make the most of the summer season. Take a look at our most-liked recipes below, and let us know your favorites.

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